How to use the website

1. Visit the website

2. Copy the link or URL that you want to shorten.

3. Leave a link or URL in the box on the left. Then press the Shorten Link button.

4. After pressing the Shorten Link button, the system will display the shortened link on the right-hand side.

5. Press the Copy Link button when you want to share or forward it to your friends.

6. or press the QR Code download button when you want to share or forward it in the form of a QR code.

7. To save link, create post, download QR Code from original link or Export Excel report Sign up and Login to use

8. You can use any QR Code Scan program such as LINE to scan the QR code and open a website link.

Every link generated is verified by our team, if we notice any inappropriate behavior violating our terms of service shortening the link will be deleted without notice. that doesn't get clicked or no use or any traffic within 1 year in order not to affect the majority of users The link will be automatically removed.